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To all family/friends/Facebook stalkers/random web wanderers who may have come across this offering, hi. Here’s why I’m here.

When I set off travelling in November 2012, I had a one-way ticket, a WordPress skeleton, and the noble intention of building a genre-defying blog (actually, not exactly) to document my experiences and keep the folks back home updated.

It never quite materialised. I then dropped back home the other week for a family wedding, caught up with friends and loved ones, and realised how utterly impossible it was to concisely share my 9 months’ worth of journeying with those who asked– so here we are, at Take 2.

I’m now about to embark on the second half of the intended trip- venturing for the first time into backpacker’s Asia and possibly headlong into months’ worth of culture shock (plus some pretty mind-blowing experiences, breathtaking scenery and gutbreaking food, I hear). I’m going to try and keep some regular records of my exploits here, both to reassure my Grandma of my continued survival, and to have something to muse on when I’m back to Reality. Read freely.


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