About Me

If you’re reading, you’ll probably already know…

Ursula, 23, English, (semi-recent) Archaeology graduate, travelling.

I decided not to follow the majority/jump on the ladder/join the rat race/embrace the joys and sorrows of responsible ‘real’ life straight after graduating- instead I saved myself a bit of money and took myself off to see some more world.

Why? I am passionate about travelling, and always have been. The world is huge and fascinating and challenging and wonderful, and also small… Because carpe diem, and all that. Now I’m as free as I’ll ever be. And after 17 years of British formal education and a few years of British recession, it felt like a good time to go out and get world wise…

It’s one of the best moves I ever made, so far. I’m 9 months into my journey, and by now have travelled New Zealand’s North and South Islands, lived and worked 6 months in Sydney, explored the Aussie South/Eastern Seaboard, seen 2 good friends get hitched, and made some lifelong new ones.

I’m currently gearing up for the second leg of the trip (still following Plan A, remarkably)- taking my Aussie dollars through South East Asia and beyond for what I expect will be a pretty intense few backpacking months. Intended date of ragged return to London is May 2014- here goes.


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