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Taking shelter from Sihanoukville

Otres 2 beach

Otres 2 beach

Revelation: on reaching the seaside resort capital of Sihanoukville, I came across the first destination of my trip that I really didn’t like. I’d heard mixed reviews, so was prepared to be a little less than enchanted, but ended up snubbing the place on arrival for a quieter beach haven a few kilometres down the road, and never really explored. Though named as an imperative pit-stop on most Cambodia-roaming itineraries, this place to me immediately felt somewhat soulless- a half-rate party town of high-rises and ruthless development, set inconveniently back from the beach. I’m sure if you give it a chance it does have its charms, though after a month and a half on the SE Asian road, I was ready for a travelling holiday- a few days of doing absolutely nothing by the sea. Otres 2, the area’s highest rated strip of sand in terms of peace and beauty, certainly won me over and provided just that- I spent a delightful few days in the same square kilometre, lounging at the cosy Wish You Were Here hostel when the rains came (home to the classiest bathroom block in Cambodia, incidentally), and out on the beaches when they abated. This was a great redemption of some serious destination disillusion- and I doubt it’ll be my last diversion, either…

Wish you were here?

Wish you were here?

Tough life.

Tough life.


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